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2003 - 2005

E-learning for Exchange and Communication in a Transnational environment - LEONARDO DA VINCI (member)


Training of Trainers in the field of e-learning RO/2002/PL/89072/EX LEONARDO DA VINCI (member)


Trainer’s Training to Virtual Learning Communities /99/2/07072/PI/II.1.1.a/FPC - LEONARDO DA VINCI (member)


Development of IT based teaching materials for mechanical technicians and engineers/ RO / 98 / / 83552/ PEI / I.1.1.b / CONT - LEONARDO DA VINCI (member)


Development, restructure and modernization of the educational process at Petroleum – Gas University of Ploiesti - CNFIS (member)


Inception of documentation and distant learning centre for the professional formation and reconversion - LEONARDO DA VINCI (Representative of ARPE - partner)


ROMEXCO - Promotion en Roumanie du Plan de Compatibilité, (TEMPUS) IB - JEP - 13452/98/RO (Representative of Petroleum РGas University of Ploiesti - partner)


Integrated software model of multimedia type for interactive learning generated at Petroleum – Gas University of Ploiesti - CNFIS (project director)

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