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B.I.D. - Business Initiative Directions, Madrid

Representative of Petroleum - Gas University of Ploieşti and of the Centre for Technologic Transfer, Innovation and Business Prahova for receiving the trophy International Star Award for Quality, Madrid, 26-27- January, 2004

N.N. Antonescu, V.Ulamnu, L. Dumitraşcu, Distance Higher Education in Petroleum Engineering. An Educatioanl Offer, 21st ICDE World Conference - „Lifelong Learning in the Networked World”, Hong Kong, 18-21 February 2004


L. Dumitraşcu, S. Dumitrescu, G. Moise, L. Ioniţă, Instructional software programs used in the Romanian high education system, Computer Based Learning in Science, An International Conference, Cyprus University, Nicosia, Cipru 5-10 July 2003


N.N. Antonescu, V. Ulmanu, L Dumitraşcu, Mise en place des technologies informatiques dans le processus d’enseignement à distance, VIIe Congres, „Culture Europ√©enne, Pamplona - Spain”, 23-26 October 2002

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